La Joya ISD board members question nutrition program controversy

La Joya ISD held a school board meeting on Monday in order to clear things up a bit.

The USDA audited La Joya ISD back in November of 2011 when the district did not accurately claim the amount of meals served.

In addition, the district was allegedly not serving the right type of food to students.

The district claims the discrepancies were all in human error, but board members continue to question how and why this happened.

"We felt that we had been slightly misled by the administration, said board member Isaac Suleman. So we're trying to get some clarification as to how La Joya ISD ended up in the position it's currently in."

School administrators insist that they have corrected the issues and are in complete control of the district TMs nutritional program.

"I think that we have tighter controls on our counting issues, which was one of the problems, said Superintendent Alda Benavides. And then also we have a better control with the food portions, and making sure that our menus are being reviewed carefully."

The discrepancies have put a financial strain on the district, however today all students are still receiving free meals.

The USDA will come back to La Joya ISD in December for another review.

Administrators feel they will be prepared for the visit, and will pass with flying colors.

But if the district does not pass the review, the 28 thousand students in the district could be deprived of free meals.