La Joya ISD now enforcing state's stricter bullying laws

Long gone are the days of pushing and shoving---bullying has taken on a whole new faade.

Even though people don't think we're doing anything about it, we are investigating, La Joya ISD Police Chief Raul Gonzalez said. Unfortunately some of this isn't happening on school grounds it's happening at their homes."

But for those students who suffer through the relentless taunts and name calling, while at school, there is new hope.

"If you're the bully, we now have the option to remove you from that campus and put you somewhere else, Gonzalez explained. We didn't have that option before. We anticipate that more kids will come forward now and say they were a victim of bullying."

In an age of technology, Chief Gonzalez said it is easy to prove who is being bullied and by who---but as some student told Action 4 news the age of technology also lends itself to more severe bullying.

"They say more behind their computer or text messages then in person. In person, they won't talk to you but online they will tell you so much stuff."

Anna Maria, a senior at La Joya High School, told Action 4 news by taking a bully out of the equation students can finally have peace of mind that they will be safe when at school.

But added, until there are more laws passed regarding cyber bulling"those victims will never feel truly safe.