La Joya ISD police welcome new recruits

The desks are empty but class is already in session for two new La Joya ISD police recruits"as they train for the fast approaching start to the new school year.

"One of the things the kids have told us is that we have a problem with drugs," Chief Raul Gonzalez told Action 4 News.

It was that statement, Chief Gonzalez said, that set a plan in motion.

He said the district, inquired, applied, and finally received two drug sniffing dogs.

After months of training, Lobo and Ryan have finally joined the force.

"We're doing it to protect our schools and make sure we don't have more drugs coming in."

Despite their extensive training---Chief Gonzalez said there are still some areas they have not touched with the K-9 TMs---the ever increasing presence of synthetic drugs.

"Just like police officers we have to train on new trends going on, Gonzalez explained. Our biggest trend is the spice, k-2, and other drugs. We're not certified on those drugs, but we're working on it. We want to get them certified in sniffing out those drugs."

But for now the training on sniffing out those synthetic drugs will have to wait.

Chief Gonzalez said the K-9 TMs need to get used to their surroundings and master one task before they take on another.