La Joya ISD trying to keep students healthy

The look of school cafeteria lunches is changing.

While the starchy, less healthy foods still make an appearance"it is the healthier, brighter foods that are making an impact.

"We're trying to keep a healthy environment and healthy kids in our district."

La Joya ISD School Board President Arnoldo Ochoa said it was a study that spurred this movement. The study showed that more children are overweight and less active.

He said the district knew they had to spring into action if they wanted to help their kids.

To localize the ~my plate TM campaign|.the district launched ~my tray TM"they said it is a better model for their students because they do not use round plates in the cafeteria.

"It shows them the amount of food they can eat---that fills their needs"

It is an initiative that seems to be working|.Carolina Alaniz, a student at EB Reyna Elementary, said she now grabs more fruits and vegetables"knowing they will keep her feeling full and focused throughout the day.

"It gets you a little more stronger, Alaniz explained. That's how it helps you with your health."

It is not just the ~my tray TM initiative making an impact on the students.

The district has also added one more thing.

If students get the correct serving of fruits and vegetables each day"1/2 cup"their meal is free.

If not, the student must pay the district $3.50.

While it might seem a little extreme"school officials told Action 4 News it is just another way for them to make sure each and every students remains healthy and happy.