La Joya makes plans to stop drug, immigrant chases

Police are connecting the dots with recent pursuits that involve smuggling rings. La Joya City TMs Police Chief said many of these cases are connected, and they are working to catch the leaders of these groups.

Action 4 News reported that chases are common in western Hidalgo cities like La Joya.

The group inside bailed out, and police chased him and several undocumented immigrants on foot.

Only the immigrants were caught and then handed over to Border Patrol.

No one was injured, but many times these police chases put the lives of drivers on the road in danger.

That TMs why La Joya Police Chief Geovani calls human and drug smuggling the biggest problem his city faces.

"Basically some of the coyotes, some of the drivers, they have no fear or problem injuring other people." Chief Hernandez is not giving many details on how they are closing in on these drug smuggling rings But he recommends drivers who see a pursuit in progress pull to the side of the road and should not interfere.