La Joya police seeing increase in illegal immigrants

The figures are down nationwide but La Joya police told Action 4 News that the number of people who cross over from Mexico illegally has increased in recent months.

They said, on any given day, they can see between 30 to 40 immigrants try and head north of the border"undetected.

"They TMre scared, Officer Juan Cerillo said. They also want to make money because there is nothing to eat where they TMre from and they want to send money back to their families. That is their main reason for coming here."

Despite the long and sometimes treacherous journey into the United States"Officer Cerillo said many just cannot continue on.

"Some give up and that TMs when they wind up walking along the expressway"that way border patrol can see them, Cerillo explained. That TMs their way of giving up."

Cerillo added, in the last three days they have arrested close to 100 illegal immigrants.