La Joya school board race stirs up controversy

La Joya School District parties vie for votes By Erika Flores With elections just a week away, the La Joya School Board race has stirred up a lot of controversy.

"Billy Leo had filed a restraining order that he didn't want any of our voters-any of our young people that we just registered to be assisted to vote," said Fito Salinas, who is running for La Joya School Board.

Supporters of the opposing party, "Join The Pack," told Action 4 News that they believe the party, "Get on the Bus," is influencing voters to vote for their candidates.Eden Ramirez, Junior, a candidate for place three, said if that's the case, the restraining order is necessary.

"To protect the vote, to protect the integrity of our electoral system and most importantly the vote for it to be free and safe," said Eden Ramirez, a "Join the Pack" candidate for school board.

But "Get on the Bus" incumbent Fito Salinas claims his party is not breaking any laws.

"We're not violating anything inside. We're doing it just to help them," said Salinas.

Salinas said he wants voters to trust his party has the right candidates for the job.

"We're running on the platform that we want to continue what we started in 2006," said Salinas.

He said he wants to help students get better test scores-and bring more programs to the school like transitional college.

But 21-year-old Eden Ramirez is running for the opposing party, and he said he was in school in the La Joya district just 3 years ago and said a lot needs to be changed.

"I want to have a better involvement with our community to bring the parents into the education," said Ramirez.

He said he just hopes the game of politics doesn't prevent this dream from becoming a reality as both parties vie for votes.

School Board Candidates:

La Joya I.S.D, Trustee Pl. 1J.J. GarzaJuan "JJ" Pena, Jr.

La Joya I.S.D, Trustee Pl. 2Fito Salinas (I)Oscar "Coach" Salinas

La Joya I.S.D, Trustee Pl. 3Eden Ramirez, Jr.Johnn Valente Alaniz (I)

La Joya I.S.D, Trustee Pl. 4Gabriel Salinas (I)Narcisco "Chicho" Solis