La Joya teen vandals on spree: 'We were drunk'

They even allegedly spray-painted gang signs on trees.

Two teens have been formally charged in a weekend graffiti-spree through one neighborhood in a La Joya.

Seventeen-year-old Jacob Garza and 19-year-old Isauro Acosta were each charged with 11 counts of graffiti.

The charges were upgraded to felonies because police say the damage was so extensive along Ebano Circle.

Municipal Court Judge Enrique Cantu didn TMt preside over the hearing, instead he sat in the back of the courtroom as a victim.

"This should have never happened," he said.

It turns out that Judge Cantu TMs fence was turned into a canvas by the taggers.

He showed us receipts in the hundreds of dollars to clean up the mess.

"From what I saw... it was the whole block...every single house except for one was spray-painted whether it be mailboxes, garage doors, bricks... actual sides of walls of houses," Judge Cantu said.

Police linked the teens to 11 separate graffiti crimes early Sunday morning.

Garza and Acosta were allegedly caught red-handed with black spray paint on their hands.

La Joya Police Lt. Julian Gutierrez said witnesses contacted authorities and held the suspects until they arrived.

Both suspects admitted to police and our cameras to the crimes.

Ryan: "Do you admit it was a dump thing to do?

Suspects: Yea... We were drunk."

Because both are under the drinking age, both will have to answer to a charge of minor under the influence as well.