La Joya woman not concerned about living along the border

Police in pursuit of drugs and human smugglers are all part of living in La Joya. We know the problem is here, said ~Maria. TM There is no getting away from the fact that we have a war zone here. ~Maria TM did not want to be identified but said she has lived along Military Highway in La Joya for years. She said in that time she has seen her share of police chases and illegal immigrants cross through her property. I see a lot of families, said ~Maria. TM I see a lot of grandfathers, mom, dad, and children walking through. I know that they TMre just trying to get away from a place that is extremely bad. ~Maria said the only time she felt uneasy is when she saw 25 young men marching military style right in front of her. She said they ignored her but she got an uneasy feeling as they marched on by. "I was on the canal and they marched on by, said ~Maria TM. I know what military marching is|.they went across the fence and went on by, I called Border Patrol on that one because that is a security risk." Despite those run-in TMs and the increased violence just a mile from her home"~Maria TM said she is not going to runaway. I don TMt like the way that it is now, said ~Maria TM. But you just don TMt pick up and leave because things aren TMt the way you want them. She said, instead, you stick around and do what you can to change them.