La Villa child murder suspect gets $100,000 bond

Family members describe Adan Acua as a kind and caring person who could never hurt anyone.

My brother has always protected us from the second oldest to the baby, Andre Acua told Action 4 News. This is the kind of testimony heard by all as Acua, the man accused of murdering two-year-old Austin Contreras, asked for a bond reduction. One-by-one family and friends came to the defense of Acua.

Those with children around the same age as Austin even said they would trust those children in Acua TMs care"despite capital murder charges.

"Would you allow your granddaughter to be cared for by Adan Acua? asked Attorney Fernando Mancias.

Yes," one woman said in the hearing. Despite these allegations," Mancias asked again.

Yes," she said. The biggest concern among prosecutors is that Acua could be a flight risk.

Family and friends testified that he would never flee.

He will not go anywhere, said employer Jacqueline Gonzalez. He will see this through. Even his attorney was confident his client will remain in the United States and await trial.

"Some people do pose a risk of flight...Adan Acuna doesn't pose that risk, said Mancias.That's the difference."

Acua was given a $100,000 dollar bond at the end of the hearing.

The amount was a little higher than the family hoped for but they are determined to make sure he does not spend on more night in jail.