La Villa children may not get Christmas gifts

Two La Villa sisters take turns sleeping on the floor.

They're two of seven people living in a two bedroom home.

Their single mom's meager income meant they had to move in with family.

"Right now it's a little bit too difficult, said mom Cynthia Solis. Because I'm only working a part time job, and it's 13 hours a week. It pays minimum wage."

Solis is a certified medical assistant.

She can't find full time work.

What little money she makes goes back to those she borrows from.

"By the time I get paid I already owe the people, said Solis. I don't have the money to buy my girls Christmas gifts. It's going to be the first year that my girls won't be getting gifts from their mother."

Aware they may not get gifts, six-year-old Katarina and eight-year-old Iashia still plan to celebrate.

"Just spending time with the whole family," said Iashia.

Their mom holds onto hope they could still be surprised.

"They'll be getting hopefully from Santa Claus, if Santa Claus can stop by," said Solis.

Her plea is made in desperation, so her daughters won't go without this Christmas.

If you would like to be these girls TM Santa Claus, email