La Villa leaders, community reacts to water war

La Villa ISD schools are closed until Thursday that is if the city and the school district can come to an agreement regarding the water and sewage system surcharge.

However if no agreement is made and the water is not back on, there will be no classes.

"What is going on as far as the water shutdown is ridiculous," Angie Reyna, La Villa ISD mother, said.

This decision was made Saturday night after a meeting between the city and the school district ended with the matter unresolved.

"They really hurt our kids this way by not reconnecting the water and our sewage system," Narciso Garcia, Superintendent for La Villa Independent School District, said.

The city turned off the district's water just before Christmas claiming the district is behind in its payments by more than $50,000.

The school district refuses to pay an additional $8 per student surcharge on top of the established $6 the city and district agreed to in 2012.

Garcia is shocked the city insists on keeping the faucets off and says it TMs not fair because students don't even drink the water.

"Our children have not drank from our campuses water fountains in over 4 years," Garcia said. "Prior administration and prior school boards has authorized the district to purchase bottle and purified water."

Angie Reyna has two children in La Villa High School, one of them a senior.

She says that this closure has them worried about their future.

"Mom will I even get to graduate from the La Villa High School," Reyna said. "We wouldn't know mom, let's hope to wait and see what happens."

An administrative hearing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15th in Austin.

Garcia tells Action 4 News that on that meeting he hopes the matter will be solved and schools will re-open Friday.

Garcia also says that the students will make up the days they missed by cutting some days of their spring break or coming in some Saturday's.Click here to follow Valeria Aponte on FacebookClick here to follow Valeria Aponte on Twitter