Lack of safety measures sends father and daughter to ER

Oscar Delgado, from Adrenaline Motorsports, says the mini bike has to be customized to be taken on the road

A father and daughter are listed in critical condition after they were hit by a SUV, while riding an off road vehicle, on a busy Hidalgo County road Tuesday.

When the two riders failed to yield to an SUV at the intersection of Mile Six and San Vincente Street north of Weslaco while riding a mini bike, the bike was instantly cut in two, ejecting the father and his seven-year old daughter.

"This mini bike shouldn't have been on the road, DPS Sgt. Johnny Hernandez said. It's not considered a motorcycle, or a motor vehicle, the rules of the road are they should have been somewhere other than a street or public roadway."

The little girl is listed in critical but stable condition and the father is still in ICU. Both suffered internal injuries.

To take a mini bike on a road, sales manager at Adrenaline Motorsports in McAllen Oscar Delgado says the vehicle has to be customized.

"You have to have blinkers, rear view mirrors, and mirrors on both sides and a stop light to be street legal, Delgado said.

Besides keeping them off public roads, Delgado advises drivers and riders need to wear protective gear.

We tell all parents, don't let your kids get on a motor vehicle without a helmet, safety gloves or goggles, Delgado said.

By putting a flag on your vehicle while off roading it will increase the distance from which you can be seen by others.

"Twenty dollars is well worth maybe saving your child TMs life," Delgado said.

To encourage safety Adrenaline gives customers $350 of in store credit to buy safety gear when they buy a vehicle.

"We want you to be as protected on the road as you can, Delgado said.

To deter more accident on the roads Delgado says he hopes more areas around the valley will open to off road vehicles.

"If there was a place down here in the valley for motor sports vehicle I think these accidents could be avoided."

With the case still under investigation, no charges have been filed.