Lack of security cameras leaves no leads for stolen birds

George Luna, Grimsell employww

Authorities are investigating a break in at the Grimsell's Seed Company where three valuable birds were stolen.

The break in happened early Saturday morning at Grimsell's in Harlingen.

According to authorities, two military macaws and a yellow head parrot were stolen from the scene, valued at over $1,000.

George Luna, an employee at Grimsell's, told Action 4 News that this is the first break in since he began working 25 years ago.

Luna said that he found broken glass on the floor and objects were scattered and missing, along with the three popular birds.

"That anybody would have the nerve to just come in and jump the fence and break into the cage, break into the store and just take the birds, Luna said. They came in, I feel prepared because there was no blood. The birds can inflict painful bites, they aren TMt friendly, they weren't tamed."

Luna said that the birds were usually handled with gloves to avoid getting hurt.

He also told Action 4 that people were constantly coming into the store just to see the birds.

All three birds are each valued over $1,000.

If you know of the birds whereabouts or who could have stolen them contact the Harlingen Police Department.

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