Laguna Heights family living in a make-shift home for months

The way you would dress to go outside on a cold wintery day is the same way Daisy Davila has to dress her one year old daughter Fe everyday just to stay warm inside her makeshift home.

Davila and her family have been living in a tool shed for the last four months after a bad business deal with La Feria mobile home business owner Jo Leigh Ares. Davila spoke out to Action 4 News last November and said living in this shed has been devastating.

"Since I'm alone I can cry because no one is seeing me, says Davila. But I don't cry in front of my parents because I want to be strong for them.

Davila's living situation has not only taken an emotional toll on her but affects her family as well.

Well my dad is fine but my mother has been in a depression state because we never saw ourselves without a home, says Davila.

After our story aired, Habitat for Humanity has been working with the family to help them build a home.

Davila says she just completed phase one of the approval process.

We needed to fill out an application which we already did, said Daisy. And we are just waiting on that to see what happens.

However, she says the process has been slow and hopes her family will one day have a home again.

We spoke to habitat for humanity and they have received Davila's application.

They are currently reviewing it and will let us know if they will be approved for a home. If you were a victim of the dealings of the business known as "Park Girl" call the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid at 1-866-757-1570.