Laguna Heights man left daughter in the cold, alone

Renan Balcasa

A Laguna Heights father is behind bars after he allegedly left his daughter out in the cold and alone.

Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested Renan Balcasa on a child abandonment/endangerment charge on early Monday morning.

Court records show that Balcasa was drunk got in a fight with his girlfriend at on Roosevelt Street.

Balcasa left his daughter on the side of road out in temperatures dipping down into the 40s.

A neighbor found the girl crying, yelling shivering and only wearing a thin T-shirt, blue jeans and no shoes.

The girl had been out in the cold for hour.

The neighbor tried to stop Balcasa but he allegedly ignored her.

Deputies found Balcasa in the area and arrested him.

Balcasa appeared before Cameron County Magistrate Judge Luis Saenz on Monday morning where he was issued a $20,000 dollar bond.

Jail records show that U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents filed an immigration detainer against Balcasa.