Large fire prompts evacuation off Moorefield Road in Mission


Smoke could be seen from miles away.

Near the center of this massive fire on Moorefield Road, residents scrambled to get what little belonging they could gather.

Some even stopped to watch the fire"amazed at how quick it grew. Others took action to try and save their homes.

"We took a water hose and watered down the grass in the backyard," Patricio Garcia said.

Fire officials said all of this was caused by a person trying to get rid of trash. This is something that could end up costing that person a pretty penny once the investigation is over.

Nenzo Vasquez said he watched in horror as smoke and flames crept closer to his home.

This is a home, Vasquez said, he worked his entire life to build.

He said as he watched the smoke get thicker all he could think was everything he had worked hard for could be taken away because of someone else TMs negligence.

"People are careless and they don't think about what they do, Vasquez said. This is why we have incidents like this."

This fire is just one of dozens that have threatened homes, animals, and wildlife in the last couple of months.

With conditions not getting any better"Hidalgo County Emergency Manger Oscar Montoya said there is one thing people can do to help keep their homes protected.

"If they have high grass in a field or by their home---if they don't need it get rid of it, Montoya said.

Montoya said, while this initially started as a trash fire"it was a pile of illegally dumped tires that helped this fire keep its strength.