Largest drug bust in San Juan history

San Juan Police said he is an illegal immigrant who thought he could make some easy money.

But Saul Briseno Rodriguez landed himself behind bars.

"We believe there are other people involved, said Chief Juan Gonzalez. We believe this guy only transported the drugs back and forth."

Rodriguez lead San Juan officers on a short chase Wednesday night, as he tried to keep them from the over 3,000 pounds of marijuana he was carrying in his minivan.

Police finally caught up to Rodriguez and found even more pot, over 3,000 pounds at his home in San Juan and another 3,000 at a warehouse off of Cesar Chavez.

~John TM, who we will not identify, works in the narcotics division at the San Juan Police Department.

He said, in the last year, his job has become more dangerous than ever because of the Cartels need to cross as much marijuana into the U.S. as possible.

"A traffic stop like this one would've been a normal traffic stop, said ~John. TM Now the orders are not to let themselves get caught."

John said, for the Cartels, the war across the border is depleting their man power, and drug seizures on the U.S. side have dipped into their funds.

"Cartels and drug organizations across the border are hurting," said John.

While ~John TMs TM job is dangerous, he said those suspects that are caught are in more danger.

Rodriguez lost about 6.7 million dollars of the Cartel TMs money and he might have to pay for that money with his life. "6.7 million dollars that is not being returned to the individual that it belongs to it doesn't sit well with them, said Gonzalez. We all know the violence they're capable of doing."

Gonzalez said he and his department will do what they can to protect Rodriguez TMs family from possible retaliation.