Larissa Harris comes home with a new look and attitude

It is a smile Larissa Harris is now proud of.

The tumor that grew on the right side of her mouth is all but a distant memory.

The only reminder of that tumor is a tiny scar on her chin.

"I look at the pictures and I think how much she went through and where she's at's amazing," Larissa's mom, Marla Harris said.

It was just a month ago that Larissa was confined to a wheelchair as she tried to let a broken femur heal.

She was also living her life with a giant tumor growing near her mouth.

It took surgeons 11 hours--but that tumor is no more.

"They removed her jawbone and replaced it with her fibula flap on her right leg," Marla said. "It has been doing really well...the doctors are pleased with her outcome."

That 7-year-old, who Action 4 News first met in a wheelchair, is now bouncing around her home--even crawling on the floor chasing after her new pet--a rabbit name Oreo McFlurry.

"I've noticed a personality difference--she's a little more sassy," Marla said. "She's been very happy because she's gone through so much...being in that situation."

Larissa's story touched many people here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Some of those people donated money and others donated their craft.

Marla told Action 4 News a construction company came into her home and widened doorways and added a shower in Larissa's bathroom--all to make it easier for Larissa to maneuver around in her wheelchair.

As for the shy little girl Action 4 News met just a month ago--she has this message for everyone who has supported her, "Thank you very much."