Las Milpas family thankful for generosity of others

Piles upon piles of trash bags line the carport of Dyanira Flores TM rental home.

Clothes, shoes, toys, and food fill the bags---it TMs more than enough for the struggling family.

It was donations that did not expect to get.

"They donated a lot. Flores said. Were getting a lot of help. We didn TMt expect to get that much but we did."

While the generosity has been overwhelming"the transition has not been easy on the family.

They have had to go from living in a large home that accommodated the family of 11"to being crammed inside a small rental home.

"It TMs too small."

For Dyanira the transition has been a bit harder as she tries to cope with what happened to her family.

Dynaria was burned in the fire that swept through her home---all because she went back inside to save someone who could not save himself.

"It happened so fast...but we TMre ok and thank God were alive. The main thing is that I got my little boy out."

Dynaria told Action 4 News she cannot dwell on the past but has to move forward into the future.

She said the family has everything they need---except materials to start rebuilding their life.

She said, after 43 years, her mother-in-law does not want to live anywhere else.

She said the family has decided to gut out the charred remains of their home and start over.

"Things that we need are like materials for the house, Flores explained. We need wood and maybe gift cards would help...from anywhere."

As for all of those clothes and shoes the family does not need"they will pay it forward and give all of it to charity.

To help the Flores family call 502-2803 or 588-7472.