Last abortion clinic left in the Rio Grande Valley shuts its doors

Stephanie Rand

Another women's reproductive clinic in the Rio Grande Valley is now closed.

This is affecting health care services provided to women who are not medically insured.

A candlelight vigil was held at the Whole Woman TMs Health clinic in McAllen.

The crowd at the clinic upset about the closure of the clinic, just one of many shutting their doors across Texas.

The politicians may have closed us, but we will fight back, one woman said. The McAllen clinic was the last abortion clinic serving women across the Rio Grande Valley before closing yesterday due to the passage of Texas house bill two during the legislative session last year.

The new law required abortion clinics to abide by hospital style standards, requirements this facility could not meet.

Right now, this means women across the Valley must make a four hour trip to san Antonio to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

The law also requires women to wait a full 24 hours after receiving a consultation before they are able to get the operation.

Some are fearful more women will seek unsafe alternatives.

Desperate people, men and women, do desperate things. I think the fact that we have access to medication across the border, we also have back alley doctors in Mexico, Stephanie Rand said.

I think were increasing the risk. I think what we're doing is just putting women in a corner letting them know they have no option, but to take their lives into their own hand by any means necessary to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, Rand added.

The Whole Woman TMs Health clinic provides several different types of reproductive services and exams, not just abortions, and now those services will no longer be available at the clinic.

The closing in McAllen means there is no longer an abortion provider in the Rio Grande Valley.

Those seeking abortions will have to drive hours to larger nearby cities such as Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

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