Last minute Christmas shopping

With last minute shopping described as--"It's very hectic." "It's very stressful." "Procrastination at its best." We wondered why people do it? Daniella Gonzalez, a college student, said she has mastered the art of procrastination and that is her only excuse. "It feels like a rush," said Gonzalez. "You have to find it--there's no other choice...procrastination is the word to describe its best." For her friend, Stephanie, it is all about the sales. "I come from Houston and it's just crazy over there," said Gonzalez. "Here you come down and there's just so many little stores and better deals." Another man said the reason he waited so long was because of work. "For me...I'm very busy I work and I happen to have today off and we decided to come eat first and then we're going to hit the stores," said Tony Jimenez. But luckily, he had help. "I'm giving them's difficult for these guys," said David Rodriguez. In the end it is not about when you get the gift--as long as you get it.