Laura Garza's family braces for court case

This is the start of what could be another long road for the family of Laura Garza who have already endured agonizing days and nights.

Although the wheels of justice are set in motion to get Michael Mele convicted of her murder, there's been no proper burial for Laura since her body has not been released from the New York Medical Examiner's office.

Her remains were found in a field in April not far from where Mele lives.

Investigators found a watch Laura used to wear with what was a nearly intact skeleton.

According to New York newspaper reports, Mele has been tightlipped about Garza's disappearance from the start.

There were reports that pieces of carpet were missing from his apartment and later found tossed on the side of a roadway.

The recovered carpet patches could show up in the trial against the 25-year-old who allegedly had scratches and a bite mark when he was arrested soon after Garza went missing.

Garza's family has remained headstrong in getting justice for Laura, even going to Mele's parents home and posting a picture of Laura on their front door when no one came out to talk to them.

Orange County District Attorney Francis Phillips said in a press conference Wednesday.

I hope it brings some relief to the family, but I think we've explained to them in detail, as you all know, that an indictment is not a conviction," Phillips said in a press conference.

The DA won't discuss cause of death, but says there was plenty of evidence to win an indictment against Mela.

Click here to read a PDF copy of court doucments filed in Mele's case