Law allows paramedics to draw DWI suspect TMs blood

via MGN Online

Many bills passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature will take effect today, including one that allows Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) paramedics to take a blood specimen to test for alcohol concentration at the request of an officer.

The law allows paramedics to test for alcohol concentration or other intoxicating substances.

A paramedic may take a blood specimen if they believe they are complying with an officer TMs request or order.

Other laws Texans and visitors must follow include moving over or slowing down when a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) vehicle with flashing lights is on the roadway.

If you are driving through a school zone you cannot use your cell phone, but now the law expands to include driving throughout all school property.

Now, if you pass a school bus unloading or loading children, your fine will more than double.

The minimum fine has increased from $200 to $500.

Now, if you leave the scene of an accident that resulted in a death, you will no longer be charged with a third degree felony. Instead, the charge will be upgraded to a second degree felony.

DPS encourages all residents to educate themselves about the laws affecting their lives and to do their part in keeping Texas safe, DPS Director Steven McCraw said in a statement.

If a lawbreaker makes a false emergency report, such as a bomb threat involving a university or college, they will now be charged with a state jail felony instead of a misdemeanor.

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