Law enforcement recognized in McAllen

McAllen police had a full day of training Wednesday but took time off to recognize three groups that have been essential to helping fight crime.

It was the biggest bust this year.

"The largest seizure anywhere down here in this country at one time in McAllen," said McAllen police Chief Victor Rodriguez.

It was a bust of 12 thousand pounds of marijuana, 150 pounds of cocaine and thousands of guns and ammunition.

"12 people arrested including a national guardsman if you recall that," said Chief Rodriguez.

That bust was announced February 24.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said thanks to the drug enforcement unit and crime stoppers, his department was able to make that arrest.

One of the suspects, a National Guardsman, was allegedly supplying 11 people involved with the gulf cartel with bullet proof vests and other military supplies.

"Number one, it's a crime stoppers piece of information. Number 2, our drug enforcement unit was able to capitalize it, so we are recognizing them. We're thanking them and giving them a small token of our appreciation," said Chief Rodriguez.

Also recognized is DPS Trooper James Hicks who helped recover 1 point 5 million dollars worth of jewelry that was stolen from McAllen.

"If it had not been for his effort, we would not have recovered the entire amount of jewelry stolen that day," said Chief Rodriguez.

On May 16, suspects broke into the Deutsch and Deutsch jewelry store in McAllen.

Hicks later stopped those linked to the theft on the 1-35 near Waco.

That stop helped police recover 91 Rolex watches and assorted jewelry.

"We work interstates, we work FM roads and we're out there enforcing traffic law, but then again we go beyond traffic stop and this is what we discovered," said Trooper Johnny Hernandez.

The suspects had reportedly robbed from several places across the state.

All those honored at the ceremony received a plaque of appreciation.