Lawmakers seeking changes in Lone Star Card purchases

The Human Services Committee voted seven to two approving house bill 11-52 which calls for banning junk food purchases on Lone Star Cards.

State Representative Richard Pea Raymond is asking lawmakers to start banning certain sweetened, sugary, and high fat content foods and beverages from being purchased on the Lone Star Cards.

"We just come to realize that it's counter productive that a Lone Star Card can be used to buy junk food like chips, candies, cookies. Then, at the same time, we have a lot more people who are getting more and more diabetic or have obesity issues. Those kinds of foods are not helping them at all. In fact, it's counter productive," said Rep. Raymond.

In Texas alone, more than three and a half million people receive benefits. Each month, 500 million dollars is spent by Lone Star Card recipients, according to the state.

Representative Raymond says research has been done to prove that as the state pays out money on the Lone Star cards, spending on health care programs steadily increases.

Teresa Saldivar on Facebook agrees saying banning junk food is a fantastic idea!! It will force career welfare parents to become more proactive in providing healthy meals instead of junk to their children, whether the parent wants to or not.

More than 300 friends chimed in our Facebook conversation.

Raymond joins in at the gas pump.

I don't think it's a good idea. Kids like sweets. Kids like chips. Kids like drinks. We like drinks. We don't want to spend. We want to spend food stamps."

A father of three told Action 4 News that food stamps are awesome and saved his life many of times.

He doesn TMt think "goodies" should be taken away, but Representative Raymond says it's time the state move in the right direction to address a growing concern.