Lawsuit alleges Willacy County paramedics not getting overtime pay

Rodney Ramos is suing his former employer, Willacy County EMS, Inc.

According to federal court documents, Ramos was denied overtime pay.

His attorney, David Moulton told Action 4 News, Willacy Country EMS was scheduling their employees to work 48 hour work weeks.

That eight extra hours, is not overtime, but simply straight pay.

"He was paid same hourly rate for all hours worked. They only paid him overtime when he went over 96 hours in two weeks" said David Moulton.

Moulton said its a system that is being used company wide.

It's a clear violation of the fair labor standard's act," he said.

Moulton said Rodney is seeking thousands of dollars for unpaid overtime and plans on going through payroll records that date back for at least two to three years.

"In this case we're not only claiming unpaid overtime but also claiming an amount equal to the unpaid over time as liquidated damages," Moulton said.

This federal lawsuit was filed on April 8th.

Action 4 News paid a visit to Willacy county EMS where we finally were able to track down board member David Wittenbach.

He claims he was unaware of the lawsuit and denies any wrongdoing by the company

"I know we pay them overtime, I see the checks. If their saying their not, then that would be a wage and hour dispute said Wittenbach.

If Moulton wins this case, other paramedics at Willacy county EMS could benefit.