Lawsuit targets prominent Valley attorney

A lawsuit accuses Valley attorney Ezequiel Reyna of illegally soliciting people for services.

Rene Hinojosa is accused of posing as a lawyer.

Miguel Contreras is accused of finding car accident victims and convincing them to hire Hinojosa.

Both are charged with barratry.

"Unwanted and unrequested solicitation by attorneys or their employees or people acting on their behalf, said attorney David Willis.

Willis recently filed three lawsuits.

He represents four alleged barratry victims of Hinojosa and one alleged barratry victim of well known Valley attorney Ezequiel Reyna.

Willis would not comment on what plaintiffs claim happened.

Court documents reveal an agent of Hinojosa would appear at car crash victims' homes, luring them to Hinojosa's office.

Once there, court records show Hinojosa would promise victims thousands of dollars in settlements.

In the case of Ezequiel Reyna, court records show a man claiming to work for Reyna, repeatedly called a car crash victim on his phone.

A Court record state the victim is a disabled veteran and was unsure how the man got his phone number.

Once a meeting was set up, court records show the disabled veteran got a business card from a legal assistant with Ezequiel Reyna's name on it.

Willis told Action 4 News the law mandates a person choose legal representation on his or her own, free from any attorney's influence.

"The attorney client relationship is one of the most important relationships there is under the law, said Willis. And it is also subject to abuse." Action 4 News tried contacting both defendants in the lawsuits.

Rene Hinojosa said he could not comment, because his attorney had instructed him not to.

Ezequiel Reyna did not return our calls.