Lawyer claims Villalobos wouldn TMt meet until he made campaign donation

File Photo: Former District Attorney Armanado Villalobos.

Monday marks Day 7 of the Armando Villalobos Cash for Court favors trials.

An attorney recently released from federal prison for his role in the "cash for favors" scheme in Cameron County took the stand in the trial against former District Attorney Armanado Villalobos.

Former Attorney Joe Valle served nine months and eight days in federal prison for aiding and abetting former State District Judge Abel Limas.

On Monday he testified that he also paid Villalobos money for favorable rulings in several cases.

Valle told the jury that Limas advised him to pledge $5,000 to Villalobos during his re-election bid in 2008.

He said when he struggled to get an appointment to see Villalobos to strike deals on cases, he made sure to let him know he also wanted to give him pledge money.

Valle said that's how he was finally able to get in the door with Villalobos to talk about his cases.

Valle testified that during a one-on-one meeting he handed Villalobos $1,500 cash - no receipt was needed.

The defense went hard at Valle, challenging him on the accuracy of his recollection of certain dates and cases, at one point even suggesting he was lying under oath and had only testified based on what the government wanted him to say.

Although Valle is soft-spoken he held his ground when challenged by the defense saying he was not lying to the jury, but simply corrected himself when he got to review records.

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