Leads being considered in unidentified woman case

Image of San Antonio woman on left and reconstructed image of SPI body on right

A woman TMs identity remains a mystery eight months after her body was found buried on South Padre Island.

Sheriff Omar Lucio told Action 4 News that they have not been able to identify the body found October of 2012 so they have resorted to a more advanced model in hopes it will bring more solid leads.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said they have received inquiries about the image.

The strongest interest right now comes from the San Antonio Police Department who is looking for Carmen Magdalena Mares since 2007.

Mares went missing after a night out at a sports bar in San Antonio, but Lucio said given the state of decomposition of the body found on South Padre Island, the best bet now is DNA testing.

Sheriff Lucio estimates DNA testing could cost from $10,000 to $15,000.

They Cameron County Sheriff TMs Office is willing to assist San Antonio Police in their efforts, but since certain characteristics do not add up they would not be able to do the DNA testing.

Sheriff Lucio said they have received calls that have led nowhere, but he still encourages people to keep calling.

He said there is a sense of urgency because the more time passes the more difficult it will be to positively identify the woman since people TMs memories fade and information becomes less reliable.