Leaky windows, doors cause nightmare at dream home

A Santa Rosa couple wants their home builders to fix doors and windows that were sealed poorly.

Sergio Tinoco and his wife spent months planning every detail of their dream home.

From the tile to the architecture they carefully planned each room.

"We started getting our own ideas and making collages - everything we wanted; all our ideas; all our concepts," Tinoco said.

Tinoco chose Dream Homes to build his customized home.

"We started building last September and it took a little over 9 months," Tinoco said.

But before the couple moved anything in, they noticed several issues with the newly built home.

"All our French doors were not sealed properly, were not closing properly," Tinoco said.

The couple reported the issues and moved in.

Tinoco said Dream Homes never fixed the doors.

The issue got worse once it rained.

"We started seeing water flowing in from every door in the house and our front windows," Tinoco said.

The couple said they have made several attempts to resolve the issue, pointing out that their contract shows they have a one year warranty on the home.

"The longer they wait the more damage that occurs on our floors," Tinoco said.

The couple claims the owners of Dream Homes have repeatedly denied that there is an issue.

A third party inspected the damage reporting the flooring is exhibit surface/edge swelling in three areas.

The report said the swelling is a result of poorly sealed doors.

"They tell me this is the type of door that your ordered, this is the type of door that you got so deal with it, Tinoco said, That TMs not a good way to do business."

Action 4 spoke with one of the owners of Dream Homes who said the company is actively working to resolve the issue.

The company will fix the leaks and damaged floors but they stress that doing so takes time.

The couple hopes the issue is resolved soon, because with each rain, their dream home suffers more damage.

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