Left in the rain: Woman worried about her homeless friends

While most of us enjoy the comfort of a roof over our heads especially now with Hurricane Ingrid dropping rain on us, some are left out in the cold.

Action 4 spoke to a Harlingen woman who is an advocate for the homeless. She's worried that her friends have nowhere to go to take cover from the heavy rainfall that has been forecasted.

Terri Teinert is concerned about the expected rainfall.

"I TMm nervous about the weather hopefully it won TMt be as bad as we think," said Teinert.

She's an advocate for the homeless and comes to this Harlingen park every Wednesday to have lunch with those less fortunate.

"These are my friends, I can't turn my back on them," said Teinert.

That's why she TMs worried about the rain Hurricane Ingrid could bring. She said many people will be left out in the rain.

"One of the ladies she said ~Terri, I slept in the alley with a friend and we were drenched. TM" Teinert recalls.

Norma used to be homeless and said she knows all too well what it TMs like to be vulnerable to the weather elements. It hurts her to see friends still living on the streets.

"She said she TMs covering herself with big blankets, but she still gets wet. In the winter, she stays there in the drizzle and cold. I know because I TMve been through that too. I know how it feels," said Norma.

While Norma now has a place to call home, she hopes that others will also have a roof over their head especially during this hurricane season.

There is a homeless shelter in Harlingen called Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley. They open their doors each night at 6pm.Teinert encourages the community to donate to the homeless at Loaves & Fishes, especially during inclement weather.

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