Legal battle expected for Armando Villalobos sentencing

Brownsville Federal Courthouse

Former Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos is expected to face another legal battle.

His federal racketeering trial spanned two weeks of trial that included 11 days of testimony.

Jurors at the federal courthouse in Brownsville only took eight hours to convict Villalobos on seven out of nine counts for his role in the ongoing cash for court favors scandal.

Villalobos faces 20 years of federal prison for each of the seven counts he was found guilty of.

Defense attorneys plan to file an appeal but his sentencing could be the subject of a separate legal battle.

Villalobos remains free on bond but is expected to be sentenced before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen on August 26th.

Under federal law, a pretrial sentencing report must be drafted for Villalobos by next month.

That report, which analyzes a defendant's criminal acts and history, will give Judge Hanen an idea about what sentecing Villalobos qualifies for.

Defense attorneys are expected to dispute that report through motions filed in court and hearings before the judge.

A key witness against Villalobos, former 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas,is expected to be sentenced for his role in the scheme on August 21st.

Former Texas State Rep. Jim Solis is expected to be sentenced on July 10th.

Villalobos's former law partner Eduardo Lucio has yet to go trial but has a hearing scheduled for June 3rd.

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