Lemon Car, No Car Title

Peter Davila

Peter Davila and his friend were working-up a sweat Wednesday morning in Brownsville while working on small car Davila bought in February.

He said he and his wife saved up $1,700 to pay for the vehicle they desperately need to get to work and get their children to school.

The test drive went without a hitch, but Davila said that TMs about the only time the car worked properly.

He TMs bought other used cars in the past, and understands used car lots TM policy of purchase as is " meaning you can TMt return the used car once it's off the lot.

Davila said the car he bought is simply a lemon.

"(My friend is a mechanic and he said) something splattered all over (the engine), which can be (the) power steering pump, Davila said. So (it TMs given us problems) from a dead battery, to a flat tire, to a new starter (and) now to a power steering pump."

The Davilas said they thought they had gotten a good bang for their buck, but the continuous car repairs have proved costly.

They said they TMve even had to miss work since they have no means to get around.

Action 4 News contacted Alanis Auto Sales where the couple allegedly bought the car, but salesman refused to comment on this issue. Davila said to top things off, the man hasn't even handed them the car title, even though their purchase receipt shows it was included in the price tag.

Basically I TMm stranded with a piece of metal that's not even working, Davila said. If I do get it running, (I TMm not) going to have a title, and then eventually I TMm going to get stopped by (police) and get fined."

Davila said they found the business on Craigslist but failed to do research on the business.

The couple is working with police on the deal gone wrong.