Lending a helping hand in Los Indios

Sometimes words can't express the thanks you might feel but for Mera Rious, her tears of joy were enough to say thanks.

Mera lost her home during Hurricane Dolly and now volunteers from Youth Build are helping her get it back, using all green materials to help this single mom become more energy efficient.

"It got shipped down to us and it's our job to put it back together," said Youth Build volunteer Griselda Martinez.

Mera's story isn't the only happy one, thanks to this program Eduardo Sanchez and Rolando Trevio were able to turn their lives around in a big way.

"Now I'm running my business as a contractor. I build houses and do remodling. Anything that has to do wtih construction I'm in it," said Youth Build volunteer Rolando Trevio.

"It got me out of trouble. I wasn't going down the right path and once I dropped out of school I found this place and it helped me out," said Youth Build volunteer Eduardo Sanchez.

Sanchez says if it wasn't for the program, he would have never finished high school.

But now he's even planning on furthering his education.

"I"m going to be a civil engineer. I'm trying to better my life little by little," said Sanchez.

So, with a little heartache comes joy and smiles to last a lifetime.