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      Loan company employee jailed for lying about robbery

      Edna Lizbeth Gamez // McAllen Police Department Photo

      A loan company employees is behind bars after she allegedly stole money from her employer and claimed it was a robbery.

      McAllen police were called out for a robbery at Midwestern Financial at 1424 E. Ridge Rd. late Monday afternoon.

      But investigators learned that the theft did not happen at the hands of strangers.

      Police charged 23-year-old employee Edna Lizbeth Gamez with Class A misdemeanor theft and filing a false report to a peace officer.

      A motive was not clear but under state law, Class A misdemeanor theft is stealing between $500 and $1,500 dollars.

      Gamez appeared before a McAllen Municipal Court judge where he was issued $6,000 in bonds.