Local and federal authorities block off parts of 17th street, swat just entered Cine El Rey

Action 4 News is working to learn more about why local and federal authorities blocked off parts of 17th Street in downtown McAllen.

FBI has not released much information but they said federal authorities and ICE agents went into the Cine El Rey theater.

They were looking for a person of interest involved in an immigration matter.

The situation escalated into a standoff and the McAllen SWAT team was called to assist.

The person authorities were looking for was not inside the theater.

Action 4 TMs Nadia Galindo was on the scene and she said she saw three to four men being taken away in a police van.

A production crew from Eminede Pictures was filming ~Die Rize TM on the theater TMs roof when the incident started.

They said they were stuck on the roof for an hour before they were brought down by authorities.

The cast and crew, including one child and six adults, were told to approach with their hands up.

Action 4 News will provide new details as more information becomes available.