Local business delays paying employees multiple times

Concrete blocks located at Innovative Block

Employees at a La Feria business claim their employer did not bother paying them and has been spending money on new equipment for the company.

The disgruntled employees at Innovative Block are upset they will not be getting their paychecks as scheduled tomorrow.

The delay has happened more than once, according to the employees.

Innovative Block is a supplier of concrete products in South Texas, according to their website.

Employees said they received a notice stating paychecks for all employees will not be handed out until after Wednesday, which is at least three business days after payday.

An employee at Innovative Block said he will possibly be late on his child support payment, other deadlines on bills, and he might not have the necessary amount of money he will need to gas up his vehicle.

He added that leaving the company is not something he will consider because prospective jobs are hard to come by.

The employee believes that his employer needs to budget efficiently and pay workers, instead of investing in new 18-wheeler trucks and new equipment.

Armando Trevino, the company TMs comptroller, said the construction business has been in a slump for several years.

He admitted that the paycheck delay has previously happened, and Trevino said when they are late, it is only a couple of days.

Innovative Block notifies their employees in advance about paycheck delays, according to Trevino.

He said more than 55 employees are at will, and since they opened in 2006, only one or two employees have left because of the paycheck issue.

Trevino added that he expects 95 percent of hourly employees at Innovative Block will be paid on time.

The other five percent will be paid either Monday or Tuesday.

Some employees notified Action 4 News after the Call 4 Action and said a meeting was held where managers told employees if they do not like the way the business is run, they can leave.