Local business owner concerned about ObamaCare

Health care coverage for all has been the goal of the federal government for years.

But as they inch closer to finally having some type of universal coverage---some businesses, namely the hospitality and restaurant industries, are bracing for that claim is a damaging move.

"People are scared, Rick Guerra started. They're generally scared and don't know if they should invest in their business, hire more people, and try and build more businesses. Many are also thinking about if they will be able to afford their payroll....or even stay in business."

Guerra owns numerous restaurants and hotels in the Valley.

He said there are many unanswered questions when it comes to ObamaCare.

"They have no idea what to expect in the future and I think that creates a sort of paranoia for people, Guerra explained. They don TMt' know what to do."

Just another blow, he said, to an already struggling economy.

"It is very difficult because you TMre dealing with people's lives. We want the best for our employees...but the reality is if you don't make a return you can't stay in business. That goes for any business."

Texas State Representative Aaron Pena told Action 4 News---for years Texas has prided itself in the fact that jobs are being created---despite the high unemployment rate.

Once this new health care act goes into effect, he said, jobs could soon become scarce in the Lone star state.

"It's going to have a stifling effect on business growth and on hiring more employees, Pena said. As Texans we're concerned about that."

Pena added, he believes the business community is what will pull America out of this recession.

He said these new cost are a cause for concern and could possibly stop that progress.