Local community organization needs your help saving PBS

A local community organization is fighting to stop the sale of KMBH, also known as the PBS station in the Rio Grande Valley.The Equal Voice Network is working on raising concern about the uncertain future of this education channel and stopping the sale of KMBH.KMBH is the only education programming that transmits over-the air in the Rio Grande Valley." You can call it like missing an arm or a leg," Medrano said. "It's that important because it's part of the foundation of our community, foundation of our children to be able to learn some of these tools at home."Jos Medrano, an Equal Voice Network member, says their big concern is that they don't know who the buyer is or what they intent to do with PBS.However, Medrano is certain that PBS will no longer be over-the-air."We don't know what the agenda might be from a potential buyer but if the station goes commercial then the colonia children may lose access to the basic education programming they currently have." Medrano said.The Equal Voice Network plan is to propose the station be sold to local community members and keep it over-the-air.The main goal is to make KMBH a local channel."To keep management and the programming and the education that we know is so important here in this area." Medrano said.Right now, Equal Voice Network is working on getting the support of local public school districts and universities."We live in a very poor district, poor region and there TMs a lot of Hispanic kids that really, if we lose this station, it would be disastrous to them." Dr. Richard Rivera, Edcouch-Elsa ISD superintendent, said.Dr. Rivera admitted that he did not know about the sale until the Equal Voice Network approached him."This group brought this to my attention," Dr. Rivera said. "Without their knowledge I would not know so I was totally in the dark."Equal Voice Network has also drafted an online petition for the public to sign if they are in support of having KMBH locally owned.Click here to sign the petition.