Local dentist drilling away at childhood obesity

When your children are chomping on chips are you imagining them sitting in the dentist chair?

Dr. Bonnie Villareal of Rio Vista Dentistry in Harlingen is since she sees firsthand the results of junk food overload.

"Our children's teeth are basically corroding and disappearing," says Dr. Villareal.

Cookies, candy bars, lollipops and salty snacks, all contributing to an unhealthy smile.

"Right here you see a large cavity primarily caused by sugary drinks," says Dr. Villareal while pointing to an x-ray.

The sweets are chipping away at children's potential for pearly whites.

"When there is an infected baby tooth, it could infect their permanent tooth for their lifetime."

So imagine what that same junk food is doing to the rest of their little bodies.

Dr. Villareal wants to drill away at the problem.

She took her concerns to the Junior League of Harlingen.

The group found a way to educate parents and children about eating healthy foods before that smile turns upside down if they become a part of the more than 12 million children between age 2 and 19 considered obese.

"As we come together as a community , like they say it takes a village to raise a child, the same will happen with health fitness and lifestyle and that's why we're doing Kid Fit," says Ashley Parker, Kid Fit chairperson.

Kid Fit will be held outdoors on March 3rd to get kids moving and encourage them to put down the cookies, candies and chips, and instead pick up a fruit or vegetable that will improve their chops and add years to their lives while keeping the dentist away.

Kid Fit will kick off with a Fun Run for the kids at 7:30 am at Fair Park in Harlingen followed by a 5k Run for everybody.

At 9am, the free festival begins with activities for parents and children.