Local experts offer solutions to combat uptick of parasites due to recent warm weather

Two local experts offer their solutions to combat the recent uptick of parasites due to warm weather.

Altas Palmas Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Dittman says parasites can make their way into a home by attaching themselves to clothing or a pet.

"Sometimes the fleas can go in the house on your pant leg, or something, and your indoor cats or dogs can get them,” Dittman said.

Arthur Wright with Advanced Pest Control says simple measures, such as cutting your grass, can help fight off fleas and ticks.

"We can treat with a residual insecticide liquid, it takes quite a bit,” Wright said. “If you miss a little spot with fleas and ticks, you’re not going to solve the problem; They’re going to be right back.”

Pets are at risk for contracting the many diseases that fleas and ticks can carry, according to Dittman.

"Ehrlichia is one, there’s a number of tick-borne diseases that we see," Dittman said. "It doesn’t take a lot of ticks, or a heavy tick infestation for your pet to contract one of these diseases; They can be life-threatening diseases.”

Dittman said there are a number of options to keep pets parasite-free and healthy.

"Either topically, or orally or the Seresto collar is a good way to keep the fleas and ticks under control,” said Dittman.

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