Local grocer celebrates 46 years

Despite a recession that has forced many small stores to close, one locally owned, independent grocer in McAllen is celebrating 46 years of growing business.

El Globe Discount Supermarket TMs new store off 10th Street in downtown McAllen is only three years old, but the store has been in business since the mid 60's, well before Walmart and Costco became big business.

As big box stores like the HEB across the street have grown, many small businesses struggle to compete.

"Competition is tremendous, the store TMs director of operations Pete Charles said. You got HEB across the street, Walmarts are everywhere and we just a small independent store."

But Charles says being independent does have its advantages.

"We can take some items and change them, Charles said. We can bring new items in, try something else and sell them for a low price, get rid of them and buy another one, which big box stores can't do."

"We have a warehouse here also so we buy everything direct," store manager Tony Charles said.

Art Uvalle has worked at El Globe for over 40 years and says customers like it because of the fast service.

"You don't have to walk from one corner to the other to get something, Uvalle said.

Above all it's the loyal customers that keep business growing.

"For more than 40 years I come every week. It's more special than any other store," customer Juanita said.

"We offer them what they want, a good price and a good value," Charles said.

"We're like family here," Tony said.

"All the time it's a good price," Juanita said.Another reason Charles credits the store's success is Facebook and staying up with other social media.