Local law enforcement welcomes additional DPS troopers along border

Interim Hidalgo COunty Sheriff Eddie Guerra

With the surge in DPS troopers being sent to assist in securing our border, Action 4 News wanted to find out how these additional resources would help local Valley law enforcement.

The Sheriff's office is working side by side Border Patrol in high traffic areas of Hidalgo County.

It TMs upping its presence along the southwest border in order to deter crime and said it welcomes additional help from DPS troopers.

Just a few feet of water is what separates the U.S. from Mexico.

Remnants of life vests and clothing have been left behind from the many undocumented immigrants, who've recently traveled through here.

"Our role in this is to help Border Patrol cover some of the gaps because now with the influx of the immigrants coming across they are busy processing and we want to make sure were here to help them cover those gaps," said Hidalgo County Interim Sheriff Eddie Guerra.

Since June 1st, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Border Patrol and local police departments have been teaming up to patrol and secure the southwestern side of Hidalgo County, which is where most of the activity is taking place.

Sheriff Guerra said make no mistake, deputies are not enforcing immigration law, but they are looking out for criminal activity such as drug smuggling.

In doing so, Guerra said, his men are additional eyes for the agents in green.

He told Action 4 News if deputies come across a group of undocumented immigrants, they call nearby Border Patrol.

Action 4news asked hypothetically, if Border Patrol was swamped, what would happen? Does the deputy stay with the group until agents arrive?

No, Border Patrol is part of the operation so they have units that respond very quickly. We TMre not seeing where we have to babysit and watch these illegals," explained Sheriff Guerra.

Operation Stone Garden and Border Star have allowed the Sheriff TMs office to utilize state and federal resources towards this issue along the border.

It has four stations in the county manned 24 hours a day.

"As we progress into this, we might allocate more resources. We also have sky watch towers at strategic points," said Guerra.

At the end of the day, it TMs all about working together towards a common goal and to keep our communities safe.

"We're already noticing a decrease in a lot of criminal activity in the areas that we're at so we welcome any more assistance we can get from the state," said Guerra.

Sheriff Guerra said having more DPS troopers along the border region will help beef up law enforcement presence, which he believes will bring down crime.

He said with the recent influx of immigrants, Hidalgo County has not seen a rise in criminal activity.