Local lawmakers not pushing for special session on immigration

State Senator Chuy Hinojosa

Some conservatives are urging Texas republican leaders to call a special session to address the border crisis.

However, some believe the session would allow anti-immigration bills to surface and do more damage than good.

Local state leaders said they are not on board with this move. Immigration advocates said conservative lawmakers are trying to use this 'humanitarian crisis" for political leverage.

Legislative board members said calling a special session is needed to fund a DPS surge along the border, which would fill in the gaps of coverage. State Senator Chuy Hinojosa said a special session is unnecessary because Governor Rick Perry can address the issue without one.

I don TMt see a need for a special session at this point we have the authority to do what we have to do in terms of providing extra officers to the Rio Grande Valley, Hinojosa said.

Two days ago Perry and other state leaders approved millions of dollars to fund the DPS surge, which is aimed at fighting crime like drug smuggling. Immigration advocates worry that law makers would introduce anti-immigration legislation during the special session, which happened the last time a special session was called.

If they create this special session for that purpose then it will be really hard to protect the rights of people along the border and of other immigrants in the state of texas but we will be ready for that, John-Michael Torres with LUPE said.

An online petition has more than 5,000 signatures calling for a special session.