Local retailer helps troops move from combat to career

As troops prepare to return from duty, many of them will need to find work once they get back on U.S. soil.

Finding a job in this economy isn't easy and you need to dress to impress.

So one local retailer is doing their part to thank the troops for their service.

"You go into an interview, well you gotta look the part."

First impressions are important.

With the holidays on the way, President Obama plans to have nearly all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and home for Christmas.

The staff at JC Penney's around the Rio Grande Valley and nation, are preparing to help veterans with their "Welcome Heroes" campaign.

Luis Gonzalez is Assistant Manager of the Harlingen store.

"Because as they come back you know most of them while they're serving in the armed forces they have just the uniform," said Gonzalez.

For the second year in a row, the retailer is offering 6 Thousand veterans an opportunity to qualify for a $200 gift card, good for apparel and footwear.

"So this way they're able to buy some civilian clothes and for going to weddings, interviews, or simply taking your wife out. Well you don't want to take them out in a uniform," said Gonzalez.

Come January, this patriotic department store will be giving out $2 million worth of everything you need to pull-off business attire and help the Valley's men and women in uniform make a move from combat to career.

"Two hundred dollars will go a long way," said Gonzalez.

All military service members who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan can register for the 2-hundred dollar JC Penney gift card giveaway, now through November 20th.

Those interested in the deal are asked to register at