Local Valley doctor to help those in Haiti

Dr. Audrey Jones loves to help others. She said that is why she became a doctor. When she was approached to take a trip to Haiti, amidst all the devastation, she said it was not a question she was ready to go. "I'm hoping to help some people who have medical illnesses," said Jones. "I know there are going to be people who are dying and I hope I can offer comfort to them and to those who are continuing to live." But Jones said while she is ready to venture out, leaving the comforts of home is a challenge. Especially when going to a place that is completely devastated. "I'm fearful. This is not going to be an easy assignment," said Jones. "There are aftershocks going on and there are going to be super infections that are going around." Jones said, just this week, she has taken everything from the H1N1 shot and even starting Malaria medications. "You just have to be prepared and protect yourself from it," said Jones. As for her patients, they said they will miss her but commend her for what she is doing. "I think it's very commendable and she'll do a nice job for the people there," said Donald Huscman. "It certainly is tragic what she is going to face," said Joyce Huscman. "She can handle things in a preventative or easy way--that's commendable." As she prepares to leave--Jones said she will cling to her faith to help get through the next two weeks.