Lone finalist named in search for Harlingen CISD superintendent

Dr. Arturo J. Cavazos

Dr. Arturo J. Cavazos was named the lone finalist by the Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees during a special board meeting Wednesday evening.

According to the school district, Dr. Cavazos had previously served as the district TMs Deputy Superintendent for Transformation and School Support for a total of four years.

He will have the opportunity to serve in a school district with a growing population of more than 18,500 students, 3,300 employees and 28 campuses, the Harlingen CISD director of communications said in a press release.

Now, the school will be required by law to wait 21 days before offering Dr. Cavazos a contract.

Dr. Cavazos is an outstanding and innovative leader with an extensive background in executive administration at HCISD, Board of Trustees President George McShan said.

Dr. Cavazos lead the district in the components of transformation including the digital classroom initiative, implementation of Dual Languages Academies, the implementation of campus internet cafes, among others achievements, HCISD TMs Director of Communications said in a statement.

He has served as an administrator and educator for 26 years.