Lone survivor in Alton massacre testifies

They were happy times that Amelia Flores remembers fondly.

"We're at my child's school. I took him a cake for his birthday," she recalled. But that is all she has, memories captured in photos that tell of happier times.

"I don't even remember the gunshot, she added. I remember seeing the fire from the gun."

Amelia recounts the day her happiness was shattered, when she says her husband Roberto Rojas tried killing her.

"I kept telling him, begging him to let me get my baby."

Amelia was able to get away from Rojas, but her nightmare was far from over.

While in the hospital, Amelia says she watched the parade of people come through her room but four faces were missing, her mom and three children.

Amelia says her dad was the one to deliver the tragic news. "He just told me they hadn't suffered like I did and that the funeral was beautiful," she said.

For Amelia the suffering will continue long after this trial is over.