Long lines for H1N1 vaccine in Brownsville

Emilia Hernandez is a mother of two who was in line since 1:20pm Wednesday afternoon hoping her kiddos will be the first to get the H1N1 vaccine.

Hernandez is not alone, many got dropped off or just walked, in attempts to get the much anticipated H1N1 vaccine mist.

Officials from both the Brownsville Independent School District and the Cameron County Health Department say this H1N1 vaccine clinic is first come first serve basis.

For some parents at the BISD Cafeteria on Palm Boulevard, they TMre hoping to prevent before it TMs too late.

For others the sluggish economy is reason enough to be here so early.

Hernandez says if she were to take her daughter to her pediatrician, the vaccine would be an extra cost, this way it TMs free.

For Yadira Cisneros, getting the vaccine was so important she let her daughter miss school.

Cisneros says she knows it TMs wrong to miss but to her it TMs more important that her children are healthy and missing one day shouldn't hurt. Wednesday's clinic is only providing the H1N1 nasal spray, making some little ones a bit apprehensive.

Third grader Eugenia Garcia says a lot of people are telling me that they TMre going to put it up your nose or something so that makes me feel really nervous."

And although the clinic isn TMt scheduled to open till 4 p.m. these parents say their willing to wait however long they need to get the vaccine.